Friday, 16 August 2013

Earlybird filter

Holaaa everyone...

I just found this cool tutorial from , its how to make earlybird filter with photoshop. Earlybird  filter adds sepia and yellow photo effects with dramatic vignetting so it looks so vintage.Well u can simply using earlybird filter using Instagram, but since i have no instagram account yet and i also want to  level up my photoshop skills, i decided to try this tutorial . 

Here some pics that i edit using Photoshop CS5 on windows, this pics i took  couple months ago in Asep Stroberi in Garut, a nice and warm family restaurant with good foods. I always come to this place over and over again =D, you will find the reason why....=)

So, here's some  photos that have been edited by me and I am fallin in love with the result =),

It's STOBERI not STRAWBERRY (noted that) LOL
Cool property huh?
The Landscape
The bridge

  Traditional touch

The waterwheel
The river
Beautiful isnt it?
Traditional snacks
View on top
Playing ground

Look up
Strawberry farm
Everytime i look around, everything is beautiful.
I love those round building
Strawberry farm *again*
Fallin in love with this door
The river
 And here I am, wearing angry bird shirt in this photos with earlybird filter =D

See u on the next post =)