Monday, 28 September 2015

its Urban Natives new product

Hola everyone....

I guess my laziness is killing me slowly, that's why it's hard for me to posting on my blog. LOL
so I guess this blog post should have another title  called MY THROWBACK POST, because I should posting it months ago, but I guess better late than never right?

It was in the end of Ramadhan when my husband and I did the photo shoot, I can still remember it clearly we were fasting, it was hot day and we are tired, but forced our self to did the photo shoot because we didn't have much time. So here it is the new Urban Natives product which I thought  are really really good product, not because my husband made it but because I know which one is good products and which one is not. And Urban Natives is one of the brand that always made cool products with good quality (sounds like a good ad huh? =D)




 I have another good news for all of you who want to shop all the Urban Native Product, now we proudly launch our web on so, it will be lot easier for you guys to shop =).