Friday, 23 January 2015

Love is in the air.

Holla everyone....

It's still about my wedding things =D
Honestly, in the beginning I have no idea about the concept of our prewedding, but Putra knows exactly what he wants, so I just could'nt agree more with his idea. He wants all about nature things, green grass, sun light and the earth colors. It was all simple, we looking for the dress, shirt, and trousers just a day before and then we're just mix and match the color of our clothes that we already have.
And about the photographer, my friend Lanny,  said that she and her husband who is a photographer will help us do the prewedding photoshoot, well nothing is better that working together with your best friend doing the photoshoot, right? =). Lanny's husband, Stephen  Christoferus or we usually called him Ko Iip used to do the photoshoot for wedding and prewedding. On the photo session day, he accompanied by his another prewedding photographer friend, ko Hans. The make up done by my wedding make up artist Teh Dessy, she did the make up for free as a free trial before the wedding make up and my friend Lanny, help me to retouch my make up.

It was hard to  synchronize our time, but finally we can have a day to do the photoshoot. The place took in Kota Baru Parahyangan, we need to have the permit from the management, it was all be managed by Ko Iip, thaks a lot ko =). The make up begin in 5 o'clock in the morning and the photoshoot began about 9 o'clock in the morning and end up on 6 o'clock in the afternoon. It was tiring but we all have fun =).

Putra and I really love the result, it was exactly what we want. I couldnt say nothing but big thanks to my friends (big hugs). Here are my prewedding photoshoot,edited by ko Iip (another thank you for ko Iip =D)  hope u love it like we do =) 

If you interested on Stephen  Christoferus's work for photoshoot, you can contact him by phone 081931332383.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Wedding Story

Holaaaa everyone,,,

Happy new year...
Hope this year will bring us more luck and happines...

In this first post this year, I am so happy to announce that I am married now =D, it was on 6th december 2014, and I just cant wait to posting about my wedding preparation. First of all, it's taken 3 years for Putra and I being together, and finally, We decided to get married in the perfect time for us.


First of all, I was looking for the mood color for my wedding day, and i found it on and this is the color that We choose for my wedding concept.

After found the color, We made the logo for our wedding day. We made several logos but then this is the final logo that we decided would be use in entire wedding things.
Logo, design by Putra

It took us about 8 months  preparation and most of all, it was me and Putra prepare for the concept. We were so happy that We could make the concept of our wedding day and make it happened. The feeling was just great. So this is a lil sneak peak on my wedding day =).
Putra Design the wedding invitation, He gave me three option of the design and i fall in love with this design.
Wedding invitation, design by Putra
I dream to make my own wedding souvenir, I want to make something cute, useful and personal, so when my friend came from a workshop to make coin pocket, I imagine that would be perfect wedding souvenir. I learn how to made it from my friend and the end of the story is I spent about 4 months to sew 600 pcs souvenir. It took much time and energy but I am happy with the result ^^.
Wedding souvenir, made by Me
I gave some family member the clothes to wear on my wedding day. I fall in love with the color of the cloth in the first sight, so i wasnt wasting my time, i decided to buy it and wrapped it with love.
I named every gift for my elder family member to make it personal.
Wedding uniform for elder family member wraping by Me
Since there is always ordinary sign of Janur, I decided to make my own sign. I made the logo of our wedding from foamboard so it can float easily and waterproof. People can recognize my wedding view from this sign because it is the same logo on my wedding invitation.

I really concern about the wedding booth. I want to make a welcome sign for our guests. I think there in nothing perfect than a booth with our logo on a wall and our prewedding photos on a classic white table, and a lot of fresh and sweet flowers. I think it just a sweet and cute welcome.

Welcome booth
We bought all the seserahan things for months, since we both busy, we decided to buy the seserahan things one by one, of course I am  happy that Putra allow me to buy everything that I want =D.

wrapped by Grow

Dessy Pramuditha is the make up artist for my wedding day. I knew her since she's the make up artist for my two friends, I love my make up result, its not to heavy on my face and the make up color tone just perfect on my face.I feel special on my wedding day.
Make up by Dessy Pramuditha


Akad nikah started on 8 o'clock in the morning, so the make up started on 4.30 in the early morning. I can remember it clearly, I was so happy, excited and my heart beat so fast that morning. After akad, we continue to traditional sundanese wedding ceremony and than Putra and I change the kebaya and beskap ( a traditional sundanese clothes) for wedding reception.

The Sacred moment
Wedding ring


On the opening of wedding reception, we were welcomed by a sundanese traditional dancer. It was all pink and tosca everywhere. The reception held from 11 am to 2 pm. It was a happy moment when you see family and friend coming on your wedding day and share the joy together.

Traditional Dancer by Inten Dewangga

The Winner =D

Music by Obbie band
Looking back to my wedding day, I feel so blessed for everything, I thanks God to let me find the man that I love, marry him, and ready to face our new life together. I am so happy that we are doing all the wedding things together. I thanks God for the bless and the opportunity that I got.
Thank you so much to all my family, friends and all the vendors who help me to make it happen

Vendors :

Venue Gd Serasan SESKO TNI phone 085220808179
Catering and decoration by SW ( Rita Soewardono) phone : 081321506585
Wedding Organizer by Mamarazi WO phone 02293800005
MC by Donni Adhi Krisna phone 02293800005
Make up by Dessy Pramuditha phone 081809313818
Traditional Performance by Inten Dewangga, phone 08122363196
Music by Obbie Andriansyah and friends, phone 085220205250
Photography and video by The Couple Studio, phone 087822091771
Prewedding photography by Stephen  Christoferus and friend, phone 081931332383
Wedding invitation printing by Kian Jaya, phone (022)4265887
Kebaya & Beskap (Anita &Putra)  for Akad by Belva
Anita's kebaya reception by Belva
Putra's beskap reception by Oey Maher

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