Thursday, 28 August 2014

Route 64

One thing that I like from the photo session is hunting the place for the photo shoot . It always feel good going to see some new places and it's more like we're playing than working. Just like I did a few months ago, I went to Route 64 a music studio in the north of Bandung, I never go to a pro music studio before so it was fun to act like a singer and musician when I was there.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


I write this a very long time ago. I was on a big meeting, and did the presentation. I had and idea and some people just could not get it. They started give some arguments and told me that my idea could not be done. They laugh at my idea and made me feel so stupid. I was so angry at my self, why could't I just persistent on my idea. There is one person that implement my idea and it was work. Too bad I was give up on my idea.

Well it has passed anyway. The good thing is, I don't want that happen again in my life so I make more preparation for such things like that.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Something happened recently

Time flies so fast, and we only have 4 months left behind this year. I've got so busy with some random things and suddenly realize that in next 4 months this year will be end. Hope you all guys filled this half year with a lot of fun things, just like I did. Here are some things that happen in my life....

1. Sewing Class
I always want to join sewing class since I was in the collage. It would be great if I could make my own clothes, design it,  I can save some money, I can have clothes as much as I want,behind that all, the main reason is I just want to sewing.

2. Join Oriflame
Its hard to believe this is my third times I join Oriflame, An MLM brand from Sweden. I hope I can do more serious with Oriflame, the reason why I rejoin because I still curious about the business. I do believe that Oriflame is a trusted company and we can make a living from it. Beside all, I use the product and I love it =)

3. Food photography
I've got a new hobby, its food photography. How this is become my hobby? My friend asked me to shoot her chocolate product so she can put it on her web,  I enjoyed the process and happy with the result, I wish I could do more food photography project in the next time.

4. More things to do

5. The Wedding.
yess... you hear that, Putra and I decided to get married. We already make some preparation and still doing it right now. Hope everything is okay. And all the ceremony run smooth and of course hope we enjoy our next  journey in life.

Friday, 22 August 2014


Hai everyone....

I bring the good news for you...=D
Maybe you didn't know yet that Putra has a clothing line he named Cotton Club, but due to some reasons he changes the name become Urban Native, I like the name, it's sound modern and simple. I know Putra, he always make high quality product and doing it with all of his heart, I love all Urban Native product.

And here's  The Urban Native

Urban Native products have premium quality with those beautiful colors and proudly made in Indonesia.

Keep doing the good work Putra =*

Sunday, 10 August 2014

DENU cokelat project


Happy sunday everyone ^^
It's a great sunday for me because I was doing this lil happy project for my friend Devita, whose own Denu cokelat, this is my second project (you can read my first project here) and I always happy to shoot some chocolates from Denu Cokelat and then taste it while I was working ^^
This photoshoot was taken at Devita's house, where all this delicious chocolate were made. All this pictures show you how delicious this homemade chocolate taste. Go visit  Denu Cokelat web for more info about they products.

Hope you enjoy the pics, see you on my next project ^^

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Everything else is secondary

I really love Steve Jobs's speech and I feel his words connected to my soul. So I really want to print this quote in a large canvas and nail it on my bedroom's wall.