Monday, 14 October 2013

Some people was lucky, they know what they want to do early in life.

Im not that lucky, to be honest I still not sure what I want to do in my life. Back to my early life, everything have been chosen for me and when I have to choose something, I ask  people what supposed I have to choose, I seldom listen to my self simply because I am afraid making the wrong decision.

When I was in high school, it confused me to choose between science and social class. I took the science class simply because someone asked me and the reason was if I took the science class I would more have chance to choose the major in the university and which means it stupid. I mean what kind of reason is that? You should take the class simply because you have interest in it, not because you would have more choices to take the major in the university.

But I was scare and confused so I choose the science class...and I gave up. I only could stand for two weeks and I moved to social class. I thought that was one of the best decision I ever made. That kind of story always turn over and over again in my life, afraid to choose, I dont really know what I want. It happened when I have to choose university, when I have to choose my major. Oh is so full of choices and I am afraid to choose.

I think it just wasting my time, so I made this blog. To focus into things that I love, to keep on the track. I think thats life is all about, doing what you interested in, not wasting your life in something you didnt like. Avoid people expectation that you tought it's your too. This blog is a journal of my life and a reminder to listen to my heart.

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