Monday, 23 December 2013

Denu Cokelat


I am so excited today, doing some photoshoot for my friend Devita for her own chocolate product Denu Cokelat. It was fun doing my own photoshoot. I decided almost everything so i feel free and happy. And it was fun searching the properties, me and my boyfriend buy some cookies, cinnamon and of course so yummy photoshoot isn't?

The photoshoot take in my parent's living room and in the car port, it was so simple I just need a table and some tableclothes, everything is set in some minutes and the photoshoot takes about....4 hours. Here some picture that I take and edited by my self. Hope my friend Devita like it...=)

Thank you to Putra for helping me hunting the properties, helping the photoshoot and for supporting me in everything that I love. During the photoshoot we drink a lot of this delicious hot chocolate.

To buy this delicious Denu Cokelat, you can visit