Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A day in my life [by Kulek]

I was found by Anita and Putra couple months ago. They took me from the street when I got abused by a cruel man. After that night it feels like I have a home. I eat twice a day with fishes mixed with rice, I can sleep where ever I want, except in Anita's bed room. Well, if she's in a good mood and I looked so cute, she lets me sleep in her bed. 

I am not a friendly cat, I have trough a lot of fights...you can see scars in my face (looks cool huh?!). But I am scare to go out from the block, well I am scare that I will meet some cruel man and they will do some bad things to me. After couple days ago, I met that cute cat that asked me for a date, he is a cute cat, I cant ignore him. We walkin around the block for about two days...yesss two days!!! Time flies so fast when you spend your time with the one you love huh?....and then I went home. Anita looked so worry about me, I did not understand why she had to worry that much, I was fine, I was just hungry and a little dirty. She gave me a lot of food then I sleep and felt so happy that I could meet her again.

I dont understand what happen today. Anita, Putra and Riri (Anita's and Putra's friend) look so busy. They dont let my to play outside like always. I dont understand what they're doing to me. 


Well, okay I know I looked cleaner and cuter after the things they did to me. And they gave me some food after that -what I called HELL- happen to me, but I can't  forgive them for a month. Thats it.

Okay, that's what I called a day in my life. I am so tired, going to sleep now. I hope I have no nightmare about what happened today. Good night everyone.




  1. Ya ampun. Lucu banget si Kulek >'< #culik

    1. hihihihihi....moggo mba diculik aja kuleknya, tapi bandel loh =))