Friday, 1 November 2013

Veronica decided to die

Paulo Coelho wrote about a life of an ordinary girl who feels so bored to live. When there's nothing you're looking for in this life, you  feel happy nor sad and it's so empty . You dont  know what is the meaning of your life, when none understand you,  maybe you are like Veronika. So in an ordinary day she decided to suicide. She drinks a lot of sleeping pills and waiting. While she waiting she's thinking back all of her life, she was thinking was it the right decision. Doing suicide.

When she wake up and get conscious she's in the mental hospital. She is being told that the doctor can't help her due to the sleeping pills she already swallow. So it is about the time to her last day. While she's waiting to the death, she's thinking back all of her life and meet with some of her new friends, they make some group discussion as a therapy.

They are talking about life, about what is normal and what is not. She started to thinking back about her life, she listen to her heart and thinking what she really want to do in her life. When she have the reason to live her life, when she finally find what she wanted to do in her life, its too late because she's going to die soon. or was it not?

Its funny how Paulo Coelho shows us about normality. What is normal anyway? it is just a matter of majority.
Everybody have their own uniqueness but a lot of them resist that to become "Normal".

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