Saturday, 14 February 2015

My DIY wedding souvenir

Hallo everyone...

This time I want to posting about my wedding souvenir,

I am so excited to posting about my wedding souvenir because I made all of them by my self. The first idea come when my friend come to my home after have a DIY workshop pouch. The pouch is so cute so I beg to my friend to teach me how to make my own pouch. And it was so simple and I think there would be no perfect souvenir on my wedding day but my DIY little pouch.

So I made some design for my pouch, because both of Putra and I love cats, we try to make cat as logo for our wedding concept. But then we came with the idea to make our silhouette as the logo. So it would make all the wedding things more personal to us.

First, we calculate everything that we need for 600pcs pouchs, fabric, Zippers, The screen printing charge, Dacron, etc. Since I plan to sew by my self I can cut the production cost. We bought all the material that we need. We bought the fabric first and then the other material, after that we print the fabric, we didnt do the printing by ourself, after all was ready, I began to sew, well it took 4 months for me to finished this job. It's hard to keep on going to  finish the target during another wedding preparation but I finaly I did it =D.

okayyy,,, i know its a long post, a lot of pics without explanation...=D

wait for my other post and it will be (still) about my wedding things... =))

See you on my next post.



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