Saturday, 6 July 2013

Coco phone

I just bought this super cute COCO PHONE, it's the retro style handset  which can eliminates over 99% of absorbed phone radiation. It has luxurious soft touch paint treatment. There's a lot of colors that we can choose but i choose the black one because i am the black lover =)

 Coco phone

  The handset compatibles with almost all devices with a 3.5mm plug

This is how to use Coco phone

Couple months ago, i had a problem with my ears because i often made some call, and i usually talking for hours so i got the pain in my ears, thats why i'm looking for the phone which can reduce the radiation and i found Coco phone, i bought it for IDR 100K
I'm ready to make some calls.


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    1. saya beli nya diolshop gitu, tp lupa namanya hehehe, tp pernah liat dijual di ace hardware =D