Friday, 19 July 2013

Those eyes and Lips

 Hola hola......
I just bought this Lip tint and Eyeliner from Etude. The packaging are cute as always =)

Drawing Show creamy liner
I bought this creamy liner on black include the brush in one pack, the texture is soft so it's easy to use, and the most important thing is, its waterproof. But i dont realy like the brush, its hard to trace the thick line with those kind of brush.

This is the result on my eyes.

Fresh Cherry Tint
This is the first time I buy lip tint, its not as pigmented as my Revlon lip butter but the color stay longer than my lip butter. I love the color, its nice and this tint give the smooth texture on my lips. My lips look so fresh after i use this tint, but its lip tint anyway you can expect it as pigmented as lipstick.

This is the result on my Lips

 After all, I love this products

Candid pic by Putra Perdana Wiston

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